Teeth Whitening TIPS


Teeth Whitening has never been more accessible; with an array of products available online at Amazon, at your local Target, and at the dentist. Here are some tips to improve your results:

Use rolled up cotton pads or paper towel, placed between your teeth and gums to keep your lips and moisture off the teeth and the whitening products. When saliva gets into contact with the gel; it dilutes the whitening gel, or can even deactivate the gel.

Have a mirror at all times when you bleach so you can confirm that the gel is safe and off your gums. Ouch!

Plan to whiten you teeth after your cleaning with the hygienist. Teeth that have plaque on them won’t whiten if the gel cannot reach the surface of your tooth.

Drink foods that stain through a straw during the week you are whitening. Foods that stain are wine, coffee, caramel (in dark soda), dark berries, tumeric, or whatever stains your white T-shirt.

Use the whitening gel as directed. Gel concentrations vary from 10%-45%, and are intended to be used from 8 hours to 15 minutes respectively. If you use the 8 hour gel for 15 minutes, you won’t get much whiter!

Be a super consumer and buy a higher concentration gel at the same price as a weaker gel. Read the previous blog to find out how.

Still not working?? Read the previous blog, and learn more about whitening product strength, and recommended application times and products.

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